Hold On.

Jen Freymond
4 min readSep 4, 2021

Things feel hopeless right now, I know. There’s never been a shortage of dark shit going on in the world, but this current time is the darkest in my lifetime. The kind of darkness I couldn’t have imagined as a younger person. It feels like we’re in the midst of the apocalypse. And maybe we are.

The global pandemic has been devastating, but what really causes the most pain is how many stupid, selfish fucking assholes refuse to get vaccinated or wear a mask. They’re barfing their “freedom” all over the graves of the hundreds of thousands of people this virus has killed in this country, and all the health care workers who have been putting their lives on the line for the last year and a half to keep their stupid fucking asses safe. And even worse are the elected representatives who fight vaccine and mask mandates and encourage people to fight them. They are directly responsible for the deaths of thousands and thousands of people.

Children are in schools. Getting sick. Being quarantined and hospitalized. Because people refuse to do the simplest things to protect each other. My children are starting school this week. They’ll be masked, and I’ll be holding my breath, hoping kids can get vaccinated before a whole new generation of people starts dying as a result of something PREVENTABLE. The rage I feel about where we are, knowing it didn’t have to be this way, is strong. I know you feel this way too.

Climate change is making parts of the earth unlivable even faster than scientists predicted. Hurricanes, earthquakes, extreme heat… and now the first climate-caused famine is happening in Madagascar. You know who hasn’t contributed to climate change? The people of Madagascar. The unfairness of it makes my head hurt, makes my jaw tighten, makes my eyes water, and above all it makes me wonder what I can do to help. How can we possibly be unable to help people who are literally starving to death when we have so much food to spare? What the fuck is wrong with our government and how do we get them to give a shit?

Afghanistan. The Taliban. The fact that we started bombing Afghanistan again, instantly killing civilians. Children. All the other bombs our imperialist government is dropping when we’re not looking.

The fucking abortion ban in Texas is terrifying. It’s beyond cruel. We all saw this coming and yet it’s still shocking. It’s not surprising but it does still stun me every time the right-wing gets away with this shit.

Jen Freymond

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